Sei Whale


All-purpose Biobased Epoxy System. Sei Whale is a clear, all-purpose, epoxy system with high UV resistance.

  • Applications: All-purpose applications with variable working times for room temperature cure, with post-curing options. Easy impregnation of reinforcements and two hardener options: slow & fast.
  • Mix Ratio: 2:1 by Volume
    • Fast hardener 100:50
    • Slow Hardener 100:46
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0,75L Kit Fast Hardener, 0,75L Kit Slow Hardener, 1,5L Kit Fast Hardener, 1,5L Kit Slow Hardener, 3L Kit Fast Hardener, 3L Kit Slow Hardener, 6L Kit Fast Hardener, 6L Kit Slow Hardener, 15L Kit Fast Hardener, 15L Kit Slow Hardener, 30L Kit Fast Hardener, 30L Kit Slow Hardener