Biocomposite Solutions

Our journey started more than ten years ago. It has been a challenging but exciting trip in which we have explored many technologies, met new partners, vendors, dreamers and makers…but above all great people willing to make things different. What we call our family of sustainable and socially conscious stakeholders, have brought us to a new milestone of the journey to:

“We are a 360º solution provider, around sustainability and respect in the world of composites.”


Our work

R*Concept gathers together all meaningful “R”s existing around sustainability: Reduce, Repair, Recycle and Reuse. But since we strongly believe that at the end it all comes down to Respect, we focus on a main “R” that is the “R” for RESPECT! And by RESPECT we understand, to care about all stakeholders in the composites ecosystem, employees, end users & the environment.

Green Energy Project

& CO2 Compensation

Since 2019 we accomplished the goal that all energy consumed in our facility is from green sources. We are now working on the compensation of co2 emissions of our products and business activities.

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