Spinner Dolphin


Clear casting Biobased Epoxy System.

  • Applications: Spinner Dolphin is an epoxy system specially formulated for transparent casting applications. Suitable for ceramic, metal, wood and glass containers. It has optimal mechanical characteristics and low reactivity. It can be used with a wide range of pigments.
  • Mix Ratio: 100:42 by weight (Slow Hardener) / 100:45 by weight (Fast Hardener)
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0,75L Kit Fast Hardener, 0,75L Kit Slow Hardener, 1,5L Kit Fast Hardener, 1,5L Kit Slow Hardener, 3L Kit Fast Hardener, 3L Kit Slow Hardener, 6L Kit Fast Hardener, 6L Kit Slow Hardener, 15L Kit Fast Hardener, 15L Kit Slow Hardener, 30L Kit Fast Hardener, 30L Kit Slow Hardener