Team Members

Jordi R*Concept


“The Globetrotter”

Our front line to be able to help the client in all his technical needs.


“The man band”

Project initiator in 2009, and now downwind for the whole team in the ReConceptualization of the project.


 “Message out”

Our speaker to get the message to all corners of the planet.


“The YES man”

Our coordinator in logistics operations to offer a quality service to the final client.


“No limits”

Our Technician in Composite Materials and Adhesives, a man who is capable of learning about a product and take it to sell.


“The YES man II»

Our logistics right-hand man who takes care of every order.

R* Concept would not be possible without the experience and traditions from our previous three generations, that set the solid ground for the fourth one to launch “Products for a Responsible Industry” more than ten years ago.

The team gathers together multidisciplinary team members, and partner companies, who once started willing to do things differently, and nowadays are ready to offer a full solution on sustainable composites, to perform and excel in the circular economy.

We have placed SUSTAINABILITY at the core of our business, to bring PERFORMING products to the industry, while respecting the environment and the human beings who live in it. With the strong belief that running a competitive business is compatible with doing the right thing, we work day after day to offer you a wide range of respectful solutions.

Bonded by respect.

Driven by values.

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