01. Reduce

Lower your carbon footprint while maintaining product performance. It is in this spirit that we present to you our Biobased Resins.

Our Biobased Epoxy Systems


BPA Free epoxy system for molding, coatings, gluing.

77% Biobased content.

Primary ingredients from renewable sources. 

Green Turtle:

All-purpose and amber colour epoxy system which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling.

>40% Biobased content.

Sei Whale:

Sei Whale is a clear, all-purpose, epoxy system with high UV resistance.

>20% Biobased content.

Polar Bear:

Specifcally formulated for heat assisted curing & compression molding applications.

>28% Biobased content.

Spinner Dolphin:

Spinner Dolphin is an epoxy system specially formulated for transparent casting applications.

Beluga Whale:

An epoxy system specially formulated for laminating & wet lay-up applications.

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