03. Recycle

Having pioneered the biobased matrix revolution in the composite industry, we were never happy about only reducing impact on the environment, and we strongly considered that the real game was about recyclability and offering an end of life solution to the composite industry. 

Nowadays we can recycle composites, to help the industry produce for zero landfill manufacturing. Our solutions cover from recyclable raw materials, recycling technology and solutions for composite waste management.

A recyclability project with Innovative Recycling

Our passionate and human teams have been working together for several years to develop products, solutions and services around Recycling and Reusing Carbon Fibre.

For circular economy

We continue to work day after day to offer the Industry a road path towards circular economy and zero landfill manufacturing, taking into consideration the social aspects that come attached to our mission.

Our Recyclable Epoxy Systems

Recyclable epoxy system for heat curing compression molding applications

Zero-Landfll Manufacturing: Composite manufacturing waste can be recycled, andre-integrated back into the composites supply chain. Reduce landfll costs, and improve product margins.

Create Downstream Value: R*Concept uses a low energy, solution-based process that allows both the resin and fiber reinformcements to be reclaimed in a high quality, virgin-like state, preserving performance and value.

Cradle-To-Cradle Solution: Composite products made with this system are fully recyclable.

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